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Sushi Helps With Strong Fingernails

Sushi Helps With Strong Fingernails

Little Known Benefit of Sushi

I thought I’d add this post as I just found out about a little known benefit of sushi. Although omnivores rarely have an issue, seaweed, once or twice a week, will give vegetarians nice strong fingernails. I think it might be the silica? It takes a few weeks before your new stronger fingernails grow out, but you will notice the difference so be patient. That’s great news for sushi lovers as many sushi rolls are wrapped in seaweed paper.

Seaweed and Sushi

It’s no mystery to sushi lovers that seaweed and sushi go hand in hand! There are quite a few types of seaweed available, but nori roasted seaweed paper is very handy and convenient as sheets all ready to rip up and toss into anything. It has a nice strong tasty flavor too. Nowadays, it’s usually available at most supermarkets, even in small country towns, in the Asian section sold for making sushi with. Even if you’re not making sushi, try ripping up a couple of sheets of nori sushi seaweed paper into two-minute noodles. That’s a quick, easy and delicious way to take it a couple of times a week.

Other Uses For Nori Sushi Seaweed Paper?

It’s nice in an omelet. Just tear it up and moisten it a bit, and then stir it into the omelet mixture. Seaweed can also be added to soups and stews; to spaghetti sauces. It can be moistened and used as a salad vegetable or a sandwich filling. It can be put in vegetarian patties; or used in stir-fries. Try stirring pieces of nori paper into fried rice, too, or stir it into stewed lentils or baked beans. Use your imagination that’s what it’s for!!!! Oh yeah, you could make traditional sushi rolls out of nori paper too I suppose :-)


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