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A Little About Sushi

A Little About Sushi

Ancient Nare Sushi

In this traditional sushi variety, cleaned fish is stuffed with naturally fermented rice . In this class of sushi the fish alone was consumed while the rice is avoided. But nowadays the sushi foods are prepared by mixing the rice with vinegar that is stuffed with vegetable, crabs, eggs, sea weeds and alga. However fish is the best match and well renowned all over the world as the key ingredient. The rice is either cooked or boiled but it must me cool. The fish may be a cooked one or a raw fish is enough for the deal.

The Entymology of Sushi

As we have a look at etymology of the word sushi it’s a Japanese word which means ‘sour’. Since they are the pioneer in the art of making sushi stuffs and in the later part of 19th century the Japanese sushi chefs spread all over the United States that’s how these delicious food stuffs have their everlasting place in the western countries. USA and Boston Massachusetts stands first in the consumption of these sushi food stuffs since they mark an impression of ever-lasting taste in the tongues of sushi consumers. Nowadays Boston Sushi events are a well known for its quality and healthy sushi preparation all over the world.

Eating Sushi – Advantages and Disadvantages


As sea food is naturally low in fat, sushi’s being seafood as the important ingredient are naturally low in food and are rich in unsaturated fat that serves important in metabolic activities and improve immunity. This sushi cuisine also rich in vitamin, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates due to the presence of fish, egg, vegetables and rice. The main reason why sushi foods are so popular is that they are cost effective and available in various varieties according to the nature of sea food available in that locality.


Every food item has their own drawbacks and health hazards so do sushi too have its own drawbacks. Some of the fish varieties carry high contents of mercury which relatively have an impact on the human body system. When sushi foods are consumed at larger quantities they may create diarrhea, food poison and stomach ache. Sushi’s as known are of sour taste so they are eaten along with sauce’s that have high salt content which directly increase the risk of high pressure and hypertension that creates an increased probability of having cardiac problems.

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